Monday, May 26, 2014

I Know That Jesus Christ is our Savior
May 19, 2014

This week has officially been the craziest but most rewarding week of my entire life. I've had experiences that I will never be able to express in the right words,  but I truly have experienced a change of heart and I've learned the true meaning of Christlike charity and love. I've learned the importance of consecrating myself 100% to the work. I've also learned the importance of the Spirit and of listening to the guidance of it. This Gospel is real and true and I've never been more sure of it in my life. I've never been so sure that angels are here upon the earth and I've never been so sure that the powers of heaven can be in our lives every day. The Lord knows each of us individually. I know without a doubt that Christ is our Savior. I know that this is the Lord's kingdom here on the earth and HE is building it.
We had one of the most amazing lessons of my entire mission this past week. It was with the family that I've talked about before- that was so excited to read the Book of Mormon and loved the plan of salvation the second that we taught it to them. We were teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ that night- Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. We ended up only having time for faith, repentance and baptism. As we were coming to the end of explaining baptism, there was a feeling in my heart that I couldn't describe. The lesson was kind of turning to a point where it was off topic, and I sat there just so deep in thought trying to think of what to say because I knew that I needed to say something, but I didn't know what. As they were talking, I waited for a pause. When there was one, I said "I really feel like I need to say something but I want to warn you that I don't exactly know how to say it or how to explain the feelings in my heart, but I'm going to try". As I spoke, I felt the Spirit guide my words and I don't know how to explain how it felt. but I felt the need to tell them so many things. I told them that I know that before this life they knew they would find the gospel and they would accept it here on the earth. I looked straight at "K" and I told her that as a representative of Jesus Christ, she is promised that as she reads the Book of Mormon every single day, she WILL find the motivation to get out of bed and find strength (she struggles with MS) and she will find a peace in her heart that she has never felt before.  Then I looked at "B" and promised him that as he reads the Book of Mormon every single day, he will know what he needs to do and he will know that it's true. I told them how special they were to their Heavenly Father and I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon.
Now that doesn't seem like a really unique story. It doesn't seem that different from the other lessons, but I wish I could explain to you HOW STRONG THE SPIRIT WAS. It was an unreal feeling, and it was so strong Christ could have been standing in the room and I wouldn't have been surprised. As I finished talking, I asked them how they felt. "K" was shocked. She was mindblown. She sat there in awe and said that she felt like Jesus Christ was talking to her through me. She felt like He was literally in the room and it was the strongest she's ever felt the Spirit. "B" said he was touched and impressed. He felt the Spirit so strongly also and as they spoke, I knew what I needed to say. I asked them if they would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. They both said yes. "K" said she literally couldn't move her head the other way, she knew she needed to say yes because of what she felt. I told them that God needed them in this Gospel and to retain this good feeling that they felt, they needed to read the Book of Mormon, and come to church. and continue to pray to know the truth. We ended with a prayer and left that strong Spirit in their home that night.   Last night we had the opportunity to teach them again. They couldn't stop talking about how after we left that night, they couldn't stop talking about that experience. They were still in awe because they had never ever felt the Spirit that strong in their entire life. They said after we left they just looked at each other and were like what. just. happened?
I know without a doubt that the Spirit is real and it is the power that brings us to Jesus Christ. It's the power that lets us know that He is here. With us. Today. Now. He  lives and that is the most important thing we could know and experience here on earth. I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father is willing to bring His spirit into anyone's heart that is willing to accept it. The Spirit is willing to come into ANY willing heart. We just need to let it in. We need the commandments as much as we need to eat every day. We need to take the sacrament just as much as we need to drink water every day. We need our Savior Jesus Christ as much as we need any other relationship in our life. It's THIS relationship that saves us for eternity and it's the feelings of the Holy Ghost that promises us this eternity every time we feel it. The Spirit is the most precious gift God has given us here on earth and we cannot take it for granted ever again.

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I can say that without a doubt in my heart. I can say it with everything that I have because I personally have gotten to know Him. More than ever and I am so grateful for it. I know we need to be baptized and confirmed to enter the kingdom of heaven. I know the second coming is near at hand and we need to realize how much this gospel can bless us now. I know that many can intellectually question what we say, but it's the testimony and personal knowledge of the Savior that cannot be questioned because it's so real and I know that the Spirit is His messenger here on earth.  I know that we need to go through trials to become  who He knows we can become

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