Monday, August 26, 2013

Alive and Well (almost) in Colorado

So this week was great because I actually got to live the whole missionary schedule without ending at an urgent care! But wow we have been so blessed. We have been praying with a lot of people! It's awesome they call it the prayer approach, and we just ask if we can leave a blessing of peace and comfort and people's homes and families. The Spirit is often just so strong and I love getting to know people that way! so that's how we've found some of the people we are going to teach this week. I'm so excited! We prayed with 3 different families, and one of them we got to kneel down with all 5 of them and have a family prayer! I've never been so happy, and they were the nicest people ever.

I loved going to church. it was our first week at church because we couldn't go last week when I was sick! but wow this ward is awesome. One of the daughters that we're living with spoke and she is great. She's Skyler's age and so awesome. It was funny, the man that spoke said that the reason bishops are called for 5 years is because that's how long it takes them to offend the entire ward. he was proud to say he did it in 4. He spoke all about member missionary work! just how the commonality of religion between people can strengthen relationships. because really our purpose is to invite and to help. I love focusing on the help part. So many times people are scared to speak of religion because they think its awkward or pushy, but really all we want to do is help them if they will accept it. the message of the Atonement of Christ is the most amazing message that could ever be heard. The healing that it does and the EVERLASTING happiness that it brings is the most amazing thing to share with someone. We got to talk to this lady who's husband just died. She was just sitting outside and was really sad and we asked if we could share a message with her. I shared with her a scripture from Alma 40 that really has just given me so much comfort when we lose loved ones. To be able to tell her that she can live with her husband again and have that love was the most spiritual experience in the world. She was so grateful for that message, because she really didn't know if she would see him again. I know she will.

We did some service this week! we sewed labels on blankets for Project Linus. Except I was really bad at it and probably should have just watched. If they knew how bad I was at sewing they would have fired me if that's possible. but its fine. The labels are on there right? Also this is the only picture I took this week!  This is Sister Jones. 

Yesterday was our craziest day! we actually had lessons and we didn't know how to handle it. haha we were running from appt to appt and didn't know how to be on time!  I realized that I have SO MUCH to learn still. People have so many different perceptions of things that I have never thought about, and it's just super interesting to hear.  Everything is going pretty well, we're just praying for more people to teach! I don't really remember what else happened hahaha so i'll keep it at this. love you all!!! Also happy birthday mom!

That's all I have to say. Love you guys so much. I pray for you every night!

Mikilah is serving in the Orchard Ward in the Littleton Stake.  Her companion is Sister Jones from Washington State.  They live with a family in their ward.

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  1. I grew up in Littleton - can you tell me more specifically where in Littleton you are? I might have some names for you!