Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Never Want to Leave
September 4, 2013

This week was AWESOME! first of all before i forget, i had dinner with brother muir's niece! sister dunn. i forgot her first name but it was so fun to find someone that knew someone at home! so tell him that if you can! but the reason i met her was because we were on exchanges. exchanges were super interesting! because sister gage, the sister i was with for the day actually had set appointments with people every hour and we got to teach LESSONS! hahaha just kidding we teach in our area too just not as much. it was really awesome. but i also learned that i just absolutely love my area. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE.
i cant believe ive been out for a month already! i got to attend a baptism and it was just amazing. she was just so excited to be baptized with her 9 year old daughter and ive just never seen anyone so happy. she was glowing. it was absolutely amazing.

we're really excited because we might get to teach 4 families this week! ah we've been so blessed. we really are working on relying on the Spirit to find those who the Lord has put in our path that day. my favorite part of the day is when we get to pray with people. you get to know them on such a different level, and its so interesting to hear what people ask us to pray for. this lady the other day was just in tears at the end of the prayer. we had the opportunity to just tell her that she is not alone and our message is one of strengthening. unity. so her family can grow together. she cried more and just hugged us and called us her little darlings. so many people are hurting out there and just to help them feel that love from HEAVEN is the most amazing experience.  look at your life from heaven's eyes!  that was cheesy. but cool if you think about it.
 we had a guy tell us that the fruit of the tree from adam and eve was actually flesh of an animal and he went into grave detail and it was disgusting and i don't know if the word grave makes sense in that sentence but a grave is where i felt like going during that conversation. 

but its really cool because we've been getting to visit some families that haven't come to church in years and the ward cant get contact with them but they came to church on sunday! we wanted to take credit for inviting them but really they just came on their own. when we visited them we forgot to invite them hahaha but they came! she said it was her first sunday off in 2 years. the Lord wants us back so bad! oh my gosh there is the most awesome ward missionary ever. Brother Bud. that's not his last name but he was a Jewish convert and i swear this ward brings more investigators to church than we do! he told his friend that he was speaking in church but really it was just fast sunday  and then he came and told the most awesome conversion story and it just set the tone for the rest of the meeting. i heard some of the most amazing testimonies in the world. and then to top it off, this 10 year old kid gets up at the end and goes, if any of you have any doubts about what was said today, i am here to tell you that i know that it's true. and he just bore the sweetest testimony and it was just such an awesome testimony meeting! i never want to leave my ward its great!

i love you guys and miss you so much! i pray and think about you every single day. but it's what our family has that keeps me wanting to share this gospel with others. i am so thankful that i have had the foundation that i have so i can honestly share how much this gospel has blessed my life and my family. i love it. LOVE YOU!

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