Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 21, 2013

Everything is really great. This week we literally taught a whole high school! and by that I mean we have 5 investigators that are in high school. BUT HEY THAT'S A LOT! this is for everyone in high school reading. just kidding it's for everyone, but seriously YOU make an impact! every single one of these high schoolers knows someone LDS and because of that, they are interested in what their friends believe. and even if they don't know them personally, they know who they are! one of them was so interested in why they weren't interested in promiscuity and why they dressed so modestly! another one just really liked his LDS friends and was interested in what they believe. another one has a Mormon best friend and he brought him to church after we started teaching him! the thing is, WE found these people. that just emphasizes how important what they were saying in conference is about member missionary work! think about how much more meaningful it would have been for these high schoolers to hear their friends' testimonies. how much it would have meant for them to hear of the healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how pure their joy can be. how they can find answers to the questions of their SOUL that they've ever thought about- in the Book of Mormon. how much influence that having a prophet in these days can have on families in any and every situation. I know how much this gospel means to me and how much it has truly changed my life, and how happy it has made me. there are people all around who would truly love to hear just a simple message of Jesus Christ. the feeling of the Spirit is impossible to describe perfectly, but I do know that I have felt it the strongest when praying. when learning about Joseph Smith and reading his testimony. when I'm sharing what is close to my heart, and when I hear anyone else bear their testimony. the Spirit is so real and so unique, and I don't realize how lucky we are to really feel that in our lives to much. I just love this gospel! I want everyone to be able to feel of that overpowering love and healing from their Heavenly Father! it is unreal!

So let's see. I guess I haven't said much about my AWESOME COMPANION! She likes to save spiders and I don't. So I come up with ways to secretly kill them in front of her and then tell her later. It's great. She loves me for that.

I can't think of what else happened. Wait yes I can! we finally met our investigator's wife! I guess that's not really excited to the rest of the world. We were really excited though. I'm just constantly amazed at all of the awesome people we get to meet and talk to. seriously every dinner appointment or lesson we walk out of sister Hilton and I just are amazed at how incredible everyone is. I never want to leave this area! except I feel like I am in 2 weeks. That's the end of the transfer! I'VE ALMOST BEEN OUT THREE MONTHS!

Also we just got to have lunch with aunt Jeanette and Ashley! It was so much fun to see family. Seriously. I was so glad that she thought of doing that! They are so nice to me and I'm so blessed to have family like them around. Aunt Jeanette always makes me the best cookies! We enjoy that. I absolutely love my mission. I learn so much. and I'm extremely humbled every single day. I really could not do this alone and I just love this gospel!

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