Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 14, 2013

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME AND FULL OF THE SPIRIT! we finally got back on track this week haha. we got to go tracting with Sister Murdock at the beginning of the week and it was one of the best days. it was so awesome to see how excited she was about the work at every door she just showed how much she was in love with the gospel! we taught one lesson with her and she was just so excited she stood up and knelt down right next to the man and read the book of Mormon introduction with him. it was awesome. she was such an example of what i want to be like! you really could just see the light in her eyes and how strong her testimony was just from talking with her for one minute.

One of my experiences that happened last Thursday is that felt really strongly that we HAD to go visit one of these names on the ward list that no one knew who they were and we went and they weren't home. We decided to walk around a little bit and ahead i saw this lady walking a stroller. In my head i was like.. i should talk to her... and then she started walking by and i was like hi! and she didn't answer cause she had headphones in. so i was like okay that's fine we will talk to someone else. but then i decided that no, i really should talk to her. so i tried to say hi again haha and then she took out her headphones, and i asked her if she wanted to hear a message about Jesus Christ and she was like yeah! and it caught me off guard for a second so i didn't know what to say. but we ended up walking around the neighborhood with her and taught her about the Restoration and the book of Mormon! she was so amazed because she said that she never walks that way but today she decided to, and she felt so blessed. the only sad part was that she wasn't in our area haha. but it just was such a testimony to me of how God really has a hand in this work! and it showed me how important it was to listen to the Spirit. all. the. time.

On Sunday we got to go to a fireside by Matt Holland, Elder Holland's son! it was a really awesome fireside, the way he talks is so similar to his dad. i really liked when he talked about his own testimony of the Book of Mormon. because so many times we are told that a spiritual confirmation of the Book of Mormon happens if you pray, and so many times people don't feel that so they doubt their testimony! he said that happened to him. and he prayed and prayed and read and read and didn't understand why he didn't feel anything. so one day he was hiking outside and was so confused, and the quote "line upon line, precept upon precept" kept coming to his head. he decided to call his dad, and he just poured out his heart to him. his dad's response was- that IS your testimony! the fact that that quote keeps coming into your mind is your answer. he explained that he had the book of Mormon his whole life, he has read it over and over and he has felt the influence of it since he was young. ever since he was young he was building his testimony like that scripture says- line upon line and precept upon precept. he realized that he LOVED the book of Mormon with all of his heart. he realized how much it really had in it and how much it showed the REALITY and POWER and SPIRIT of the Savior Jesus Christ. he knew he had a testimony of the Book of Mormon because he loved sharing it. he absolutely loved sharing it and that right there was the Spirit confirming to him that it was true. The Spirit confirms truth not always in huge ways, but in feelings of peace and happiness, and really anything that edifies and directs one towards good. 

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