Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

As you have all probably heard, there was a shooting this week at the high school in our area.  It's the school that all of the kids in our ward go to, and we drive past it every day! It's still so unreal and weird because I feel like I cant even begin to know how to relate to how they are feeling. Sure, there were bomb threats and stuff in high school, but NOTHING compared to the real terror that these kids faced. There are so many who heard the voice of the shooter, or ran through the blood to get out of the school. BUT. the cool part of this all is to see the strength in the youth of the church. We were at dinner the other night and one of the girls who was there broke down and just said, during this all, I sat and wondered if it would be okay if I left this earth now. She said, because of the gospel, I know that it would be okay.  This sounds kind of harsh at first, but really we are so blessed to have the knowledge that we do. Russel M. Nelson said that truly our gift to Christ is that we love Him, and keep ourselves 'unspotted from the world, worthy to enter His Holy Temple,' and with that, one of His many gifts to us is to know that we are worthy to enter His presence. The knowledge of the Plan of Salvation is truly the most comforting thing, and sometimes the only thing you can hold onto in these times of hardship and death, because Christ is the AUTHOR of it. Christ is the author of our salvation, which is also a very comforting thing, because He knows each of our backgrounds. He knows exactly how to nurture us according to our needs. HE KNOWS HOW TO GET US THERE. That is why we have to pay attention to the little things in life, the people that we are blessed with, and the small bursts of happiness that happen daily. HE LIVES. He lives and Russel M Nelson said, 'if we love him, He will love you, lift you, and manifest Himself unto you.'

SISTER HILTON AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER AGAIN! best news of the century? I think so. Orchard Ward for life.

I lied, there is better news of the century. We have been having family home evening with this less active family for about 4 months now, and the mom and kids have recently started coming back to church, but never the dad. Every time we asked him he would decline. BUT GUESS WHAT HAPPENED THIS SUNDAY? he came to church! it was the biggest answer to prayers that has ever happened! We had fasted in the beginning of the transfer that we would be able to bring someone back into activity in the church by the 15th, and even though the mom was coming, the fact that the whole family came was the biggest Christmas miracle.

Also we got to go shopping this week for all of the people at the rehab center where we volunteer! It was so fun! We have been volunteering there for a while so we know most of the residents and they don't have much at all. They wear pretty much the same thing every day, and really don't even have warm enough blankets. so we got to pick out clothes for them! now we are wrapping them and I feel like Santa and its great.

The longer I'm out here the bolder and bolder I'm getting. Except sometimes I think its just my impatience showing through and I just tell them that the church is true and the book of Mormon has all the answers. Just kidding I do it in a really loving way and OH I thought of something else. We taught this lady that a less active family in our ward invited to be taught, and we read the book of Mormon with her and it was the best ever! The first chapter of the book of Mormon is the most golden chapter of all time. If you think about it, the Book of Mormon brings people nearer to God than any other book, so the first chapter must be the most brilliant chapter of all time! Those weren't my words, they were some quote I heard one time but I forgot by who. Anyway, everyone should read it while thinking about the Plan of Salvation. It has a lot in there!


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