Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 

I don't even know where to begin, I think this was the best week of my entire life. seriously. Sometimes its dumb because I get scared for a second to do things and then I get over it and miracles happen. SO. we visit this one guy's dad who is 93 because he's lonely and we always liked talking to his son so we kept going to his house and once we taught him the plan of salvation but then we were stuck in this rut of not exactly teaching him but just sharing scriptures every time we went haha. so we were like, WE HAVE TO INVITE HIM TO BE TAUGHT. so we showed up to his house and we ended up talking to him for a while, and we shared a scripture and asked if he would want to learn more about what we shared with him before. he kind of didn't answer the question and talked about how he was really searching for a church but he was scared and wanted to kind of take it slow in his search. I was thinking in my head I AM NOT LEAVING UNTIL HE SAYS YES. so then I kept bringing it back and saying on this search we really would love to come talk to you. as missionaries we really love to talk to people about Christ and help them figure out what they believe because really that is most important to us. we don't ask you to just believe what we say, but to pray and develop that relationship with God yourself. he said he'd meet with us! we were so excited. he has had such a lonely and tough life, and I just can feel how much God loves him and wants him to be happy! so we went back to his house a few days later and he ended up asking US about the restoration! he loves pioneers and says that their faith was the most amazing thing ever and we just had the best conversation about it. the whole time we were talking I was thinking in my head, I HAVE to invite him to be baptized. and set him on date. and I was like WHAT Ive never done that before! but the whole time he was talking I just KNEW that I had to do it. it was the most calm prompting I had ever felt. we asked him to pray about the book of Mormon and he was like yeah I will do that! then we asked him, if you came to know it was true, would you be baptized? and he sat and thought about it and he was like, yes I would! and then I was like OKAY HERE GOES NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE and I said we'd be holding a baptismal service on jan 4th, would you prepare yourself to be baptized on this day? and he sat there and thought about it and said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If he got the answer, he would. he said he still wanted to check out other churches a little to see how he felt, so we weren't really expecting him to come to church on sunday. BUT HE DID.  We were walking on clouds for the rest of the day. HE CAME TO CHURCH AND THE TALKS WERE SO INSPIRED FOR HIM. everything that was said was so perfect for him to hear and we just wanted to scream. the Lord really knows what He's doing.

ALSO. we felt prompted to go see this less active family earlier in the week, and we really didn't know why and we didn't know what we were going to do there. so we went, and we ended up inviting them to be taught the restoration because we are going around teaching all the members to get them psyched about missionary work. they said yes! so then we went back to teach them and when we got there they were like, is it okay if we invite our neighbor over to listen? we said no. HAHA NOT WE SAID YES OF COURSE YOU CAN A MILLION TIMES! so she came and it ended up being the most spiritual lesson ever! it was so cool. it was the best sister Hilton and I had ever taught as a companionship. the lady said that she wasn't sure at first about meeting us, and so she prayed about it and she felt this overwhelming sense of peace and calm that confirmed that she should come. and then at the end we read Moroni 10:3-5 and we asked her what she thought it meant and she was like I AM GOING TO READ THE BOOK OF MORMON AND PRAY ABOUT IT! she said she wasn't just accepting this to be nice, but she really felt so calm and loved our message and felt the Spirit so strongly. she has such a testimony of Christ and it was so cool to be able to tell her that there is more about Christ in the Book of Mormon! also it was awesome because the family offered such great testimony and the dad who hasn't been at church in forever told us his whole conversion story and how he had such a strong testimony of prophets. he said he needed to go back to church to take the sacrament. there were just so many miracles in this one night and we walked away feeling so happy. we knew that it really wasn't us who did anything in that meeting, it was the Spirit. It is the best feeling to know that you are working as an instrument in the Lord's hands and doing what He NEEDS you to do!

Also the Christmas devotional was the best thing ever.

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