Monday, December 9, 2013

December 2, 2013

THIS WAS THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER! okay wait no i'll start with the beginning of the week. I got my turkey breads from boudins in the mail and it made our life. It was great. 

Sister Hilton was sick this week, so I got a lot of time to read the book of Mormon! and I noticed something that I never noticed before. In the beginning of Moroni, he said that the things he was about to write he didn't think he was going to, but then the Lord told him that he should and if you look at those last 9 chapters of Moroni, ITS EVERYTHING IMPORTANT! He talks about the sacrament, baptisms, holy ghost, gifts of the Spirit, ordination, and a lot more. I sat there and thought, HE WASN'T GOING TO INCLUDE THIS!? What would we do without those things! thank goodness he wrote them! also if he wrote a lot in the Book of Mormon and then all of the sudden was like, oh I guess I could share these things too, he must have known a lot more. I still can't wrap my head around why he almost didn't write those things. The whole book of Moroni is a blessing!

Okay so then thanksgiving. We offered to help at Pearl Rehab Center with their Thanksgiving meal, and it was really the best experience. the resident's families came in and ate with them and it was so fun to see who everyone was related to. but also it was sad when people sat alone and ate. it really made me thankful for what I had, especially that I even had family that would come and see me. (I think..haha) the staff was so grateful for our help because they were short staffed! We got to be the waitresses of the tables and talk to everyone and they were so happy and it was just a great day. It made me think..why did I never do anything helpful before my mission!? hahahaha. but really. Then we came home and helped finish making dinner at the Krell's and then we had thanksgiving! it was really fun. the elders also came over and we played settlers of catan after dinner and I was really bad. ive lost all ability to win or think about games. but it was a really cool day because it just made me happy knowing that I could give up a few thanksgivings to help with others, and then ill get to go back to my family once im done doing what the Lord wants me to do. it made me excited for Christmas because I think itll be really focused on Christ and seeing others in a Christlike way more than ever.

so we have this new goal to talk to EVERYONE that we see. because sometimes we chicken out and think, oh well, they're getting in their car and its too late. NOT ANYMORE. its never too late! On Saturday we really tried to talk to everyone. Before dinner, we had an awkward 5 minutes that we didn't know what to do with. we were driving around, and sister Hilton said "I wonder if we should just stop on this street!" and I had been thinking the same thing but then we kept driving cause we didn't know where to stop. then I saw a house at the end of the street and thought GO THERE. but then we kept driving, haha but then I just kept feeling sooo strongly that we should stop and turn around so I was like TURN AROUND! So we did and we knocked on the door and no one was home. but then we turned around and we saw a man walking to his car and he was about to get in it. I ran across the street and was like WAIT! sorry I know youre leaving, but we just wanted to leave you with this card! then I told him we were missionaries and had a message about Jesus Christ and asked if we could come back and share it. He said yes! so we set up a time to go back and meet with him! he said he works with a lot of Mormons and really likes what we do. we are so excited to go back!  Sometimes its hard to just randomly start conversations with people. I'm getting better at it. kind of. We were going to visit this less active lady and there were two guys on the driveway so we went to talk to them and I asked how they were and he was like ...good.....and looked really scared and then I started laughing and he was like uhhhh why are you laughing?! and then i didn't know what to say so i said because you looked extremely scared. and then he relaxed and smiled and we became friends and talked about the Word of Wisdom.

This Sunday was one of the best Sundays ever. It was fast and testimony meeting, and we were sitting by one of our investigators at church. She's the one that has a daughter on a mission and comes to church every week that i talked about last week. so during the Sacrament i was thinking, what the heck do we do next for her!? and the thought came into my mind, do what your dad always did. Say "i'll go up if you go up"! and I was like okay cool thought..but really? then I felt the Spirit SO STRONGLY. as i sat there and pondered this, i was like..okay but what do i say up there! i felt like i should bear my testimony on fasting because i love Isaiah 58. so i leaned over and told her that id go up if she would. she said no promises hahaha. so as i sat there pondering what the heck to do, the Holy Ghost was SO STRONG and i just felt like i needed to jump up and run to the stand. i was actually uncomfortable sitting there, i thought my chest was going to explode. i have never felt the Spirit so strongly in my entire life. i thought someone was going to come down from heaven and pick up up and throw me on the stand. so when the lady was finally done talking i went up to talk and said, "i told her that if i got up she had to, but she didn't agree, but i thought id try anyway." hahaha. she never went up. but it was okay. i just talked about how Isaiah 58 is so real. it tells us that if we cry, Christ will answer and say HERE I AM. i have never been so thankful for Christ in my life. He is so real. The Spirit is so real and i am so thankful for it.


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