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Pray For Those Around You
December 30, 2013

I cannot believe that it was Christmas last week! it seems like a month ago so its weird to write about it now. I got all of the letters from the stake! Tell everyone thank you so much and it was really fun to hear from everyone.

This week has been really awesome! On Christmas eve we volunteered at the rehab place that we go to and handed out the gifts and they all had the biggest smiles on their faces. Now when we go walk around we see all of them wearing their new clothes and using their new blankets and it always makes me happy. On Christmas day we helped out with their Christmas meal! It was so hilarious because the activities director wasn't there so we were basically in charge of everything like bingo and exercises in the morning.  They were all in wheelchairs and were doing different leg exercises and I thought it was the funniest thing to say, okay now both feet! and watch us jump in the air trying to do the exercise because we weren't in wheelchairs. This happened multiple times. At least we provided entertainment! Other missionaries in our zone came too and it was just so funny because the residents all wanted to be moved around but its hard to coordinate moving 7 wheelchairs at a time because everything gets in the way and we are just inexperienced and it was so funny. We had no idea what we were doing, but the whole day turned out really fun! Then we ate some dinner and went caroling! It really was an awesome Christmas.

CHURCH WAS AWESOME YESTERDAY. I always love Sundays. The family that we teach family home evening to came as a whole family again for the third time! and a few other people that we weren't expecting came also. The relief society lesson was on doing good for other people and it just made me realize how important service really is for other people. It means so much to them!

Let me preface this next story with something about our district. Every district meeting we find out about each others investigators and pray for them by name every night before we go to bed. It's really cool because we get to know how others are doing and we pray for their success.  SO. 8pm is a really hard time to find things to do, people go to bed at like 7 here! Not really but everyone goes to bed really early and its hard to find people to teach at that time. So the other day we felt like we should go see this one couple that we hadn't seen in a really long time.  They didn't seem very interested but we decided to go say hi. Someone I didn't recognize answered the door, and so we introduced ourselves and found out his name. He said they were house sitting for someone else. His wife came to the door and introduced herself, and I put their names together and realized it was someone that the elders in the ward next to us were teaching! We had been praying for them for a month! We asked to come in and share a Christmas message with them and we ended up getting to talk to them for a little bit. They shared with us how the elders always come over and do service for them, and I realized then how important it is to take care of others and to always keep them in your prayers. It really came full circle for me because if we hadn't been praying for them, we wouldn't have known who they were! and the elders had done so much for them and their family. We really are here to take care of each other and I know that God is a part of every detail of it. Pray for those around you!

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