Sunday, February 16, 2014

God Answers Prayers
February 10, 2014

This week I learned that GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. This week has literally been full of miracles. Every day something amazing happens and I KNOW that it's because of all of your prayers. I appreciate every single one of them. 

This week we taught this lady who hasn't been to church in forever and her 11 year old daughter agreed to be baptized! It's so awesome teaching her because she basically taught US the plan of salvation. She's literally the smartest 11 year old I've ever met. She knows more about the gospel than a lot of adults that I know...just kidding but we were so excited! She's has a baptism date for before the end of the transfer. We are so blessed.

This is the reason that I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers. We were supposed to meet with a less active family but they said they couldn't because their dog was missing and their friend was sick. Very good excuses haha, but later that day we were going over near their house to see someone else that said we could come back a few days earlier. Before we left we said a prayer (Sister Winkelman laughed during it) asking to find their dog so we could teach their family. We left and went to the house except my psychotic GPS (turns out its an inspired GPS) took us the wrong way. We went in some roundabout way that was way longer but... WE SAW THE DOG. It was on the side of the road and we started freaking out so we pulled over and tried to lure it to us with shortbread cookies, but it turns out dogs don't like girl scout cookies. So we tried to go near it but it kept running away so we just led it towards the house of the family. We called them and said your dog is outside your door! They opened the door and it was a joyous reunion and we're meeting with them tonight.

Even though this seemed simple, it really showed me that God is listening to every prayer. Sometimes I think we forget that. He really does hear every single prayer and answers it in some way. The 11 year old that we're teaching,  that i mentioned before,  always says this in her prayers, "thank you for all our many blessings, especially the ones that go unnoticed." That is so powerful to me! and so true. We really have so many blessings that we don't notice. Our prayers are answered every day and I really appreciate all of the prayers that you've said for me. I really do feel the power of them and I know that because of all of your support, we are being led to those who are ready to have their own prayers answered. I love this gospel and I love every day that I get to live it!

There are so many people prepared to hear this gospel. We got a phone call last night from our zone leaders giving us a referral to go see someone in our ward where the husband doesn't go to church and his wife is not a member of our church. They just had a new baby and so we went to go see if we could do anything for them.  At the end of our visit, the wife wanted to hear more about the gospel so we're going back to teach her! They want their baby to grow up with a strong foundation and she's really interested in what we have to say. BLESSSSINGS

I am so happy here and I love my companion and I ONLY HAVE A YEAR LEFT. HELP

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