Monday, February 17, 2014

Heavenly Father's Arms
February 17, 2014

This week we had a lot of special moments that were so inspired and I will remember them forever. It reminded me that everyone, no matter what stage of life they are in, can use a prayer and deserves to feel the sweet feeling of the Holy Ghost.

The first one was when we were tracting the other day. An appointment had fallen through, so we were knocking on some doors around the neighborhood. We saw a house with the biggest, fattest rabbit I have ever seen in my life, and we thought- there is NO way that is someone's pet. So we knocked on the door to ask the lady about it and it wasn't her pet and she was really concerned that there was a rabbit on her lawn haha. But that's besides the point. We told her that we were offering prayers with people and asked her if we could do that. She burst into tears. She told us all about how she used to be Mormon and used to go to church, but she had fallen away a long time ago. She told us how her husband just died and how it happened right before her eyes. She was so devastated and so hysterical she could barely speak. I sat there and thought, what would Jesus Christ tell her at this point? so we sat there and listened to her and told her that her Heavenly Father was watching over her and that we were an answer to her prayers and that we loved her too. She said "please come back". Those who have fallen away are always welcomed back into Heavenly Father's arms.

The second was also while we were tracting. Almost the same exact story - a lady burst into tears because her mom had just passed away. Sister Winkelman said the most sincere prayer and the lady said.. I feel like you were sent to my house. We told her that we were so inspired to go to that street and that we had a message that would change her life. We also told her that our message answered questions about where we came from and where we're going, and why we're here on earth. We told her that her Heavenly Father is watching over her. Those who are hurting are always welcomed back into Heavenly Father's arms.

The third was a referral that we had received from someone in our ward. We went to go offer a prayer with them and the man invited us in. We asked what we could pray for. His dad had just passed away and he was devastated. He expressed to us that he had no idea where we went after this life. After we said the prayer he was in tears. He said it was some of the most beautiful things he had ever heard. We shared a scripture about how the Spirits of all men are taken home to that God that gave them life. He said it was amazing and he wanted to hear more. Those who are searching are always led back to Heavenly Father's arms.

We also found a new family to teach! The mom is not a member of the church and is the funniest person I have ever met. It was so fun to talk to her. Her husband grew up Mormon but stopped going to church a while back. We had talked to his mom before we went in and asked if there was anything that she wanted us to tell her son. She told us that he didn't feel worthy to go to church because of some of the choices he was making. She started crying and told us to tell Him that the Lord still loves him.  Those who have families are always placed in Heavenly Father's arms.

Everyone has some form of family. I know that the gospel heals, even broken relationships or broken hearts. In times that it seems like you cannot go on, or cannot be placed back together, Heavenly Father is guiding someone to you. I love you all! 

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