Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We Chose Jesus Christ
April 14, 2014

This week was THE BEST! So as you can see in the picture this family got baptized! IT WAS THE BEST BAPTISM OF ALL TIME. Not really because all of them are great but I was just so happy this weekend. President and sister Murdock (mission president and wife)  came and all of the missionaries came and all of the family getting baptized friends from out of town and all of their friends from the ward were there too! We were surrounded by so much love. After they were baptized the two girls got finished getting dressed first and they came out and sat with us while people were bearing their testimonies. I asked one of the little girls if she wanted to get up. When the missionary up there sat down she ran up to the front! She bore her testimony about how she knew that the church was true and that they would return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again someday. Then we looked at her sister and she looked TERRIFIED haha. But then I saw her face change and she stood up and ran to the front also, with the biggest look of determination I've ever seen. She bore her simple and powerful testimony that she knew it was true and she was so happy. It was the best few moments of my life and I couldn't have asked for a better day.
This week we got to do a lot of service and this one lady in our ward had some chickens so we may have had a photo shoot with the chickens instead of doing the yard work. 

ALSO this week we got to teach the best lesson ever. I don't remember if I wrote about this last week or not! It is this young couple who have 2 kids and they are so great. They both have Christian backgrounds and are so open to what we have to say. We taught them the restoration and told them about the Book of Mormon and when we told them that its about Christ coming to the Americas the husband was like WHAT? He said his  mind  was blown and couldn't get over it and was so excited to read it and they said that they'd pray to know that its true and we gave them each their own Books of Mormon.  Iv'e never seen anyone so excited to hold one before. He was trying to read it as we were teaching. Then we got to go back and teach them the plan of salvation and it was a million times better! Not really but it was awesome and when we were done I asked them what they thought about it and they said it filled holes that they have always wondered about! They were so excited about it and said they completely know everything we said today is true. It was the best thing ever and I love being a missionary and I want to do it forever. But I shared with them the scripture in John 14:26 that says the Spirit brings all things to our remembrance and the reason that they love it so much and it seems familiar is because we once knew this plan. The wife was like "WHAT? THAT IS SO COOL!" she was so excited about that and was so amazed by everything. I have been reading a lot about the pre-mortal life and about what happened there. Because we are all here on earth WE ALREADY CHOSE JESUS CHRIST! and when we feel the Spirit or hear another's testimony of Christ it rings a bell deep within us because we already knew Him once. We chose Him, and part of being here on earth is choosing Him again. Our Spirits are so important and strong! Heavenly Father created our Spirits and He made them strong. Never give up on anything in your life! There is always hope ahead in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has the answers! Have a great week!

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