Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Be An Answer to Another's Prayer
June 23, 2014

This week was a whirlwind! I cannot believe all that happened but I'm convinced that I want to stay on a mission forever and no one can do anything about it. So we got a call from our assistants and they said that president invited us to Denver for a special training because a couple of people from Salt Lake were coming! So us and the 7th ward sisters dropped everything and went to Denver for the next couple of days! When we got there we found out we got to stay in a HOTEL! We didn't feel like missionaries because what missionaries ever stay in a hotel? It was so fun though. AND I GOT TO BE IN MY FIRST AREA AGAIN! I was so happy to just drive around there and I think it was a small taste of what it would be like to come back home.  it will be a great reunion. Then we spent the next day being trained how to be better teachers and planners.. and oh my gosh it changed our lives. In a good way though! We have so much to change and its working already! the inspiration that has happened because of it is the best.

So when we came back, we had the best weekend ever.  We decided that we needed to act on every prompting no matter what, because we figured that God was helping us more than we knew, and we couldn't ignore the promptings anymore. So, Sunday morning, we decided to do that. Before church we really felt like we should go leave a note on one of our investigator's houses and after that all of a sudden I had the BIGGEST prompting that we needed to go see one of our less active sisters. I didn't know why- we had been teaching her for 5 months and we had even taught her the night before and she refused to come to church. Every time we asked her, or invited her to pray for the strength to do it, she said that it just wasn't her time, but we went anyway . We showed up on her doorstep and said, hi! We wanted to invite you to church today! and she said no, I'm not ready! and she was like no way. Then we said "A", we were prompted to come here and we know that Heavenly Father knows that today is the day you are coming to church. She still said no. So we invited her to pray about it. Then we saw her son in the background and we asked him if he wanted to come to church with his mom today and he said.. sure! we asked him if he knew where it was and he said no and then "A"  I do!  and we were like SWEET IT STARTS AT 11:30 WE WILL SEE YOU THEN!  Then we ran off her porch and back to our car.  THEN SHE SHOWED UP TO CHURCH! for the first time in 5 months! YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

The inspiring morning didn't stop there. After that, the thought came to us to go visit this other less active sister and invite her to church! So we went and she wasn't home, but there was this lady frantically talking on the phone. We found out her baby was having a seizure!!! We knew immediately that that is why we needed to be there. So, we asked if we could do anything and she was just in tears and so we decided to leave. But then something told me to turn around and we could NOT leave until we said a prayer with them. We said a prayer with the son, and we ended up finding out that they were members of the church- they were in the spanish branch! so we were able to call the spanish missionaries and tell them about it, and people in their ward could send help. If we hadn't been there, no one would have know this happened!

Then we drove to the church and we were late for our meeting but on our way in the parking lot, we saw this man walking with his two kids and in my head the Spirit was like YOU NEED TO TALK TO HIM. It wasn't even a question, I had to do it. So we got out of the car after parking and ran after him down the street. Really quickly I said HI WERE MISSIONARIES CAN WE COME SHARE A MESSAGE ABOUT JESUS CHRIST AND FAMILIES WITH YOU and he was like YES! He looked so relieved. He said that he just got his two kids back today and he just looked so happy. He gave us his name and address and we got to pass it on! It was the perfect start to our Sunday!

I learned this week that you need to listen to every good thought or prompting that you have  because that is how God speaks to us, we just have to listen. Even if it seems like just a silly thought, or we don't understand why- IT DOES NOT MATTER.  just do it. The Spirit speaks to us a lot, especially when we have the gift of the Holy Ghost and are worthy to have it with us always. Everyone needs this gift, it has changed my life! When God prompts us to do things, it is always to serve others in some sort of way. This is how prayers are answered. Be an answer to someone's prayers this week! go and do!

This just shows me that Jesus Christ is the head of this work. Man is not. Yes, man runs the church here on earth, but it is truly Jesus Christ who is directing this work. I know this is true because I experience it every single day. Ordinances such as baptism, confirmation, and taking the sacrament WEEKLY are essential for our lives. Strive every way you can to have this in your life. It's how you get to know your Savior Jesus Christ and come unto Him when you don't know any other way. This gospel is amazing because it is healing and inspiring. It mends families and it mends our Spirits. It brings us on the path back to our Heavenly Father with our families. What is better than that! Now is the time to act, because Jesus Christ is hastening His work and preparing families to hear this restored gospel that will change their lives! Find it now! We have a prophet who leads and guides Jesus Christ's church under the direction of Him. I am so thankful for Him and His words!

Read this article:

and you will know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. It is so important to develop our own testimonies of our living prophet, because he holds the same power as the prophets of old! This is truly the Church of Jesus Christ restored on the earth today and I love being a part of it and living it every single day of my life.

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