Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ

June 16, 2014

Okay I won't say it...BUT THIS WEEK WE TAUGHT 35 LESSONS AND FOUND 11 NEW PEOPLE TO TEACH. (the best week ever? what?) I HAVE NEVER TAUGHT THAT MUCH IN MY LIFE! I have also never seen so many miracles in my life. I got to tell so many people about the Book of Mormon and teach people that I never thought I would and we found so many FAMILIES TO TEACH! I have never been so excited about the Book of Mormon. It's so special and so needed! We explained it to everyone like this: if you have a street sign with one nail, it can turn around a bunch of different ways. But if you have a second nail on the bottom, it secures it in place and keeps it strong. This is like the Bible and the Book of Mormon! The Bible is NEEDED because it's the last three years of Jesus Christ's life, and what is better than that?! nothing! but if you put the Book of Mormon with it, then it just secures that testimony of Jesus Christ and adds that extra witness that we need to solidify our lives and point us in the right direction just like a street sign does. I thought that made total sense! It simply strengthens the Bible. Having a literal record of Jesus Christ in the Americas is the most amazing thing. WE TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED. Does anyone realize what we truly have? It is not just a story written by Joseph Smith that tells us that we have to have 6 kids to get to heaven! (that's what someone told us this week.) The Book of Mormon is ANOTHER TESTAMENT of JESUS CHRIST ministering to the people in the Americas. It's an ANCIENT RECORD of prophets bearing testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ and bearing witness of His divinity. Why wouldn't we want that in our lives? It is more scripture written by ancient prophets like the Bible, revealed to us by God now. WE NEED TO TELL EVERYONE! The Book of Mormon is something to solidify our testimony of Christ and it shares with us His full gospel to bring us full joy and to bring our families closer together in purpose and goal! to live together for eternity! The Book of Mormon shows us the path to take to get to eternity with God and Jesus Christ with our families.

We have seen so many cool things happen, but there is one in particular that I want to share. A long time ago (like 5 months ago when I first got here) I told a story of Sister Winkelman and I tracting into this lady who's mom had just passed away. When we knocked on the door and asked to pray with her, she burst into tears and we had a really special few minutes with her where we got to tell her where her mom was and that she was okay and that God loved her. She just couldn't believe that we had shown up at that time and little did she know, we were all the way across town and were inspired to go specifically to her street! but anyway, we had gone by and tried to visit her a few times after that but it never worked out. So the other day, we were around her neighborhood and I was driving and all of a sudden I thought of her and I immediately started towards her house. When we pulled up, she was outside and as I got out of the car she was looking at us like who the heck is that!? haha but as I walked up to her she said, "I REMEMBER YOU!" and she gave me a big hug and said, oh my gosh you were the one that came before with the other sister and just offered to pray with me! I always wondered how you guys knew, it just seemed so inspired and I have told EVERYONE about it!  but really she told everyone. her neighbors, friends, family, everyone. she was so touched that we just wanted to pray with her and made her feel so much better the day after her mom died. I was so happy to be reunited with this lady! She made me so happy! As we were talking she just stopped and said, "I often wonder what the purpose of life is. Do you know what the purpose of life is? Why am I here? Sometimes I feel like I should be doing something but I don't know what it is!"  then i died. YES WE KNOW THE ANSWER! We told her we would LOVE to tell her more about it, and we were just overjoyed. We had to get going right then, but we set up a time to come back and see her.

Heavenly Father knows what he's doing. He knew that she needed us that day and because of that, we get to teach her about this great plan of happiness. He sent us there. Going back to what I said in the beginning, I love the Bible and the Book of Mormon together because it answers all of the great questions of the soul.  If you need to know what the purpose of life is? it's in there. how to help your family become closer? it's in the book of Mormon. how to share the gospel with others? it's in the book of Mormon. how to make an important decision in your life? it's in the book of Mormon. what to do when all else fails in your life and you feel stuck? it's in the book of Mormon.

I want to bear my testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon! It's the best book in the entire world because it is straight from God, and it helps me know the plan God has for me through Jesus Christ. But the ONLY way you can know is by reading it. I can tell you all I want how great it is but until YOU read it and pray and ask God if it's true, you cannot say it is not true. I love the Book of Mormon because it's changed my life. It is something that I could never live without because it holds a power that nothing else in this world has. It has the words of our Savior Jesus Christ. and that is what is most precious to me. I love it.

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