Monday, July 14, 2014

He Has a Plan For You
July 7, 2014

This was quite possibly the best weekend of my entire life. LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL FAMILY (sorry picture not posted). THEY WERE MARRIED AND BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND. I can't remember anything that happened this week except for this and I can't think of anything to say except that I love my mission. Things could not be better. On Sunday, "K"  in this picture- the mom- bore her testimony and I have never felt the spirit so strongly. I have learned that listening to the Spirit is SO important. She explained the whole story of how we found their family, and I'll share a little bit of what she said. She said she had just finished reading the Bible and she didn't know where to go next, she didn't know what to read next and a few days later, we knocked on her door and introduced the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. She said that she used to be one of those people who thought the LDS faith was weird because she didn't understand, but just weeks after we started teaching them, their life changed more than she ever imagined. Her health improved, and their family was stronger than ever. She couldn't wait to see what else was in store for them because they had seen so much already. She said she felt like she finally belonged and that she would give up anything to serve her Heavenly Father. Tears came to my eyes during this story because she was just GLOWING with Jesus Christ's light. She was so happy and she had so much faith and happiness radiating from her. The reason I started crying wasn't only because I felt the Spirit so strong, but because I was SO thankful that Heavenly Father had led us to this family. I felt so scared and my stomach turned inside me because I thought of what would have happened if we didn't decide to go tracting that day or to knock on their door or to follow the Spirit. Or even to come on a mission. They would have still been lost, still living the life that they were living, when they could have this overwhelming happiness.

I now understand how important it is to listen to the Spirit every single day  and to plan effectively so we can find the people that God has prepared. After sacrament meeting, a man in our ward came up to me and thanked me for coming on a mission, because if I hadn't, this family would probably still be searching. Tears came to my eyes again because I was just so thankful that we had the opportunity to teach them. I think back to that day that we found them- we had ten minutes before dinner and NO ONE had been answering their doors, so we almost decided to just leave, but we thought- let's do one more and this is who we found.

I just know that every one of us is known by our Heavenly Father and just like He planned perfectly for this family to find the gospel, He has a plan for you. for us. for every single person on this earth and He places people in our lives so that we can be led to the true happiness that He wants us to feel here upon the earth. Missionary work is not easy by any means, but it's the most worthwhile thing I've ever done. I am SO thankful I get to be here and get to learn how to be a true instrument in my Heavenly Father's hands. I am so thankful for my family, and I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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