Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christ Lives!
January 12, 2015

Okay first off, I saw Elder Rusick and Elder Hansen at the meeting with Elder Bednar this week! oh my gosh it was crazy but really great to see them. it was cool because you really could see the light about them and it was like celestial Irvine/BYU! hahaha. I'm waiting for Elder Hansen to send me the picture!  but YES we got to see Elder Bednar this week! It was an amazing experience. We learned a lot about learning by the Spirit and asking in faith. There's so much I could say that I learned but I'm too excited to write about the rest of the week.

There have been so many amazing experiences that have really helped me see my mission tie all together and see the hand of the Lord in EVERYTHING! I was reading my journal from this time last year, and I found that on January 11, 2014, I was able to invite Brad to be baptized. yesterday, January 11, 2015, I was able to invite Brad to the temple. And he is so excited to go. It was such a powerful experience, but I learned an important principle of the gospel at this time. I learned about enduring to the end. if for some reason I wasn't able to endure to the end of my mission, I would not have been able to see this miracle. If something had happened and people didn't help Brad along the way, I wouldn't have been able to see this miracle. it was so clear to me in these moments that enduring to the end is so important, but it also teaches us that EACH of us are so important in the work of the Lord. we all have such an important role to play, and we cant let that go! we each are so important in others lives, so that we can all make it to the finish line. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father let me have this experience! I LOVE THE LORD!

Another great thing that happened this week was a baptism of an 8 yr old girl, a daughter of a family that I got to know and teach last year! when I was here last year, this wonderful family was just barely returning to church. and the dad has been working on receiving the priesthood so that he could baptize his daughter this weekend! and that's what happened! OH MY GOSH IT WAS THE BEST. we were able to have a lesson with them this week before the baptism, and it was so powerful. they have all grown so much and I could especially see the light in the father's countenance. it was obvious that a worthy priesthood holder now resided in their home. I was so grateful for the opportunity to see their growth. they are amazing and on their way to the temple to be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. I don't think this gospel, or this WEEK could have been better!

So we were tracting this Saturday, and we were doing a small survey that included questions like 'do you believe in God', 'Jesus Christ', 'is a close strong family important to you', 'how do you cope with a crisis in your life', etc. so we were talking to this man, and when we were done with the survey, he was like OKAY, your turn! haha and we were so confused! but he took our clipboard and started asking us the questions. and I was so grateful for this opportunity! it was funny to have to answer the questions that we were asking everyone else. but what stuck out to me was when he asked "how do you cope with a crisis in your life?". I answered, "I rely on my Savior Jesus Christ." he paused and looked at me, and looked straight in my eyes and asked me "what does that mean? how?"

At first, I stumbled over my words and I paused because I had to think about what that really meant. because I knew I meant what I said, but I wanted to explain it well. after I paused I started talking and told him that I think there are a lot of ways. one of them is trusting Him. but what I really felt has really helped me rely on the Lord is learning about Him .Reading about Him .Reading about His life, in the Book of Mormon and in the Bible. trying to be more like Him. and asking for forgiveness in prayer. Our Savior is perfect, and I think that we forget sometimes how great that really is. Because He is perfect, we are able to rely on His strength and draw from it. we are able to read the scriptures, and gain a witness for ourselves that He is the Christ. He is the Son of the Living God, and because of this knowledge, we can overcome anything. Our Savior lived here and overcame everything. I testified to this man about the Book of Mormon, and how it is a second witness of our Savior Jesus Christ. and through that book, I have come to know Him in such a stronger way, and ive been able to rely on the knowledge of His goodness from that book. That is why we invite all to read it. To read it, and to ponder in your hearts the message it contains. And then to pray and ask God if it is true. Because if it is, then we KNOW that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World, and that THAT book can help us in so many ways. It helps us know that Joseph Smith is a prophet, and that this church is the Lord's Kingdom once again on the earth. and it prepares us for the Second Coming! Yes I just quoted everything from the introduction to the Book of Mormon. but I just want you all to know, whoever you are- life long member, or not even close to that, read the Book of Mormon. and then read it again. and ask God if its true. because I know that if you do, you'll gain a witness that it is true. This is Jesus Christ's gospel here again on the earth, in its fullness.

It is because of these truths that I am a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. and I know of the truth of it, because of the things I've been able to overcome and the happiness and fulfillment I find every day of my life.

I Love my Savior and Redeemer! I KNOW He Lives!

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