Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Best Week of My Life
September 9, 2013

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN THE BEST WEEK OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. well I don't know. maybe. probably. also time goes so fast here I WILL HAVE BEEN IN THE FIELD FOR A MONTH ON THURSDAY. if Thursday is the 12th. I don't have a calendar and I might have made that up.
ANYWAY, so we found out we have been counting our investigators and our lessons wrong! we have been teaching way more than we have been reporting!

WE HAVE 19 NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK! and our lesson count increased so much! its amazing. seriously. so the goals before I came out were to find 2 new people to teach every week. President Murdock changed it to 6. Everyone freaked out and said that was impossible but I didn't know any different so I felt fine. hahaha but I have honestly seen miracle after miracle. We FULLY rely on prayer to figure out our day and where to go. These people are literally dropping into our hands, we find so many people ready to come closer to Christ every single day. My favorite is when we teach families. We have found so many young families to teach! And yesterday we got to teach one of them and we taught them the Plan of Salvation, and I didn't know how to react because after the lesson they were like sweet! awesome! and they didn't have any questions or concerns and they just listened intently and said we could come back! it was so cool but I also didn't know how to react because normally people have questions or something! I don't know but it was just the best day ever. OH also we had our first investigator come to church! well technically the second one but that's a different story. haha anyway it was awesome! he seemed to listen really intently and he got to see someone get confirmed with the Holy Ghost and it was just a really cool meeting with an awesome musical number. he's the dad of one of the young families and we just feel so blessed and sometimes we just don't understand how Heavenly Father trusts us with all of these people. I want their families to have the same blessings and happiness mine does and I just hope I can do it right!

We are teaching this one guy who is 93 and he is so sweet but it was so funny because he forgets everything he already said, so he told us that he is 93 and we think he was in the marine corps for 10 years but we're still not sure because he only told us 42 times. maybe we will find out the truth next time we see him. haha just kidding but he is so nice! he always prays for us they are some of the most powerful prayers I have ever heard. its awesome.

I love everyone we teach. I just want so much for them and I don't know how to handle it sometimes. I absolutely love this area and I don't want to leave. BUT WE'RE GOING INTO OUR FIFTH WEEK! what is life. the transfer is almost over and I may die. there is so much work to be done here! and so many awesome members. my favorite is when the youth come out with us. tell brayden and sky to try it!
love you guys so much! 

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