Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm Going to be a Trainer!

HELLO!!! okay so im pretty sure that every week I think its the best week of my life. by sunday I just fall in love with my mission all over again. OKAY BIG NEWS, transfers are this week! and im staying here! BUT MY COMPANION IS LEAVING ME! im going to train. its crazy! I have been here for i think 5 seconds and im trusted to train someone new. i really cant believe it. but i have been thinking a lot about it and im actually really excited. i have learned so much from my trainer and i feel like she really has prepared me well. but theres so much anticipation and i just cant even believe how fast time has gone. but this week i really have been trying to prepare for my new companion. we read this talk on being a consecrated missionary that really changed my view on things. it said truly we have to give everything up and give it to the Lord, and "put it on the altar of sacrifice". there should not be anything left to give at the end of the day because we gave it all, every single day. there was a quote from Parley P. Pratt that i really like that said, "I have all of eternity to enjoy myself". and that's so true! We are here to serve the Lord and only that.

This week we were really smart. and by that i mean really dumb. we found out we were tracting in the wrong area!! hahaha we were trying to save miles so we went to the neighborhood right next to ours. we have been going there for weeks! and we have found so many awesome people to teach in there. and then we ran into this lady and she was like oh yeah the elders come by sometimes! and we were like.. WHO IS IN OUR AREA? then it clicked. so we got to call our zone leaders and tell them this great news. but it has really been working out well! they got a return appointment with two of them! it makes me so happy that it is working out.

what else happened this week. OH. we had an investigator come to church! he's 92. and the most hilarious man. he pretends he is blind when he wants to be. like when we ask him to read something. We were in sunday school and sis jones was holding the scriptures or something in front of him to show him where we were and he was like IM BLIND IN ONE EYE AND CANT SEE OUT OF THE OTHER! and then like a minute later he taps her and goes.. you are very pretty sister jones. and she goes I THOUGHT YOU WERE BLIND! and then he laughed foreeeever.  and the assistants were asking him what we teach when we come over and he was like ummm nothing. and they were like so what do you talk about! he told the assistants that when we come over we only talk about ourselves!  IT WAS RUDE and they laughed at us for hours and got too much enjoyment out of that answer. its whatever. (we taught him the restoration and plan of salvation...PROMISE) it was a fun sunday.

Some of our investigators are really progressing! its so exciting. one of them asked US if we had a spare copy of a book of Mormon. we have never been so happy. its exciting seeing this area really growing and i cant wait to see whats in store for next transfer.

so something i was reading this morning was in Matthew. chapter 8 i think? i cant remember exactly. but it was about a man who's servant was really sick in bed and he asked Christ to heal him. and Christ said yes, i will come heal him. but the man said that he didn't feel worthy enough for Christ to come into his home, and he asked if Christ could just heal him by his words. the scripture said the Christ MARVELED at his faith. i thought that was the coolest thing i have ever read! i imagined what it must have taken to have Christ marvel. and then after that it goes into the story of the disciples on the boat and they were scared when the weather started getting bad. and they ask Christ for help and he asked them why they had so little faith? and then he calmed the tempests and the DISCIPLES marveled. it was so interesting how at first Christ was taken aback by that ONE man's faith, and his disciples didn't have as much at the time. the question i wrote next to it was, what would Christ think of my faith? so that's what I've been thinking about today and it really gave me a new perspective on faith.

The assistants worked SO hard not to tell us anything about transfers. but they are bad liars and I wanted to take advantage of that. so we were trying to figure out where we were going and stuff and so we finally got a call from president saying that im staying and training and sis jones is leaving. and I was like I bet you she is going to be a sister leader trainer (girl equivalent of zone leader) and so at dinner that night I planned something great. hahaha so elder Searle was like did you guys get a call? and I was like yeah! SISTER JONES IS A SISTER LEADER TRAINER! (even though I didn't know) and he was like YEAH HOW DO YOU FEEL! and totally admitted it and gave it away. then like 5 min later we were like we didn't know  and it was so funny cause I totally got it out of him and it was the proudest moment of my life and they were on exchanges at the time so later he told his comp and he could NOT stop laughing and it was just so great so they are like we are totally getting you back. so they told president what happened and they planned not to call sis jones and tell her about her new call cause they knew she would freak out and she did  and she would just sit in anticipation and I thought she was going to die! and then yesterday president finally called and told her and it was so funny they were like GOTCHA! but I just sat there and laughed cause it didn't affect me at all and I was the one that played them in the first place. so they got innocent sis jones back and its just so funny to me. anyway that's my story I really love my area and my district has the funniest people ever and every day is just the best day of my life .LOVE YOU

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