Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013

This week. this week this week this week! I don't even know where to start. okay my new companion! is sister Hilton from Temecula California! and she went to BYU and ran track and she is awesome. I attached a picture of her. she is such an awesome missionary and we have a great time! so her first day here was so crazy haha. sister rodriguez (another girl who just arrived) had to stay with us for the day until her companion got here from the other side of the mountain. I was so scared, I was giving them a first impression of a mission! haha oh my gosh and it turned out to be a crazy day. we had 4 set appointments and they all fell through, we tracted for EVER and no one would even talk to us, and they were like uhhhhh, what is this place!? and im really bad at directions so I didn't know where to go half the time (jk it was fine we had a gps). and so at the end of the day we had zeroes all the way down for lessons, investigators, and everything. which had never happened before, but something I learned from sister jones was that you have to have faith in your goals, and you truly can accomplish anything. so for the next day, we planned to find 3 new investigators and we had a few set appointments. and IT WAS A DAY OF MIRACLES. we found three investigators, and I extended the baptismal invite for the first time!!! (sis jones always did it before) and then at night we showed up at a less actives home RIGHT when she needed it. she could not believe that we had come that night and we studied with her and the Spirit was just overwhelming. The love from our Heavenly Father is SO REAL.

So what ive learned this week is the power of prayer. I love Mosiah 27:14? I think its 14, I could be wrong. but its all about how Alma the Younger was trying to destroy the church and he was just rebelling against everything. but in this verse it talks about how much his father (Alma) prayed for him, and how much his father had faith that something would happen. it then says that an angel came down and talked to Alma the younger to tell him that he needed to stop destroying the church! it said that BECAUSE OF HIS FATHERS FAITH, this happened. I could not believe it! this was the strongest testimony of prayer I had ever heard of. Alma's father had SO MUCH faith, that Heavenly Father had to send an ANGEL down to talk to Alma the Younger in order to be heard. OUR PRAYERS ARE HEARD, AND ANSWERED. there is no doubt about it. it is all according to our faith. if we truly believe something can happen, it will. I cant even handle it it makes me so excited! yesterday we had a goal to find one new investigator. we prayed and prayed that we could reach this goal, and we knew from our experiences that week that Heavenly Father would help it happen if we believed it would. we were knocking on doors and we just really weren't getting anywhere, but I really felt like we were in the right place. it was getting late and close to the end of the day, but I looked up and I pointed to a house a little ways down and thought- WE GOTTA GO THERE. the VERY LAST door we knocked on, he let us pray with him and we told him about Christ's restored gospel and how much it meant to us, and how our purpose as missionaries is to just invite people to learn about what we believe- but NOT to take our word for it. we told him that he needed to ask God if it was true, because we sincerely want him to know for himself what is true, and he could ask God because He is the source of all truth. and he was so excited and we are going back tonight! we could not believe how blessed we were. we found 7 investigators this week! these new goals are really stretching us but it is truly possible. every day is so amazing.

Overall Saturday was the best day ever! we had a lesson EVERY HOUR! we were running from appointment to appointment and it made the day go so fast. oh also the weather is super random here so and on saturday I swear the house was like 20 degrees so we dressed up in boots and coats and like snow things while we studied because we were so cold then that day it ended up being like 80 degrees and really hot and every where we went people thought we were weird for being in boots. but its fine haha OH I SAW BONNIE IN THE RELIEF SOCIETY BROADCAST! (Bonnie is a BYU friend of Mikilahs) it made me so happy that's such an awesome experience. Also that broadcast was so good and I cannot wait for conference this weekend! 

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