Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Live With a Horse!

HELLO! ive been so excited to email all week I don't know why. I feel like I have to much to say. SO. this is the large horse that we live with. hahaha he is so huge and thinks hes small and its funny all the time. also he farts all the time really loud and its really smelly and really great. and by that I mean gross. haha sorry if that's too much I just wanted to share. we love him though.

So this is the psycho weather we've been having! we get flash flood warnings all the time and every door we knocked on this day they were like WHAT ARE YOU DOING? FLASH FLOODS ARE COMING! and were like oh well too bad we're just trying to share the gospel here. hahaha it rained a lot but it wasn't bad where we live. we live on a hill so we feel fine. but I wish I could see the news! we just hear little bits and pieces and it sounds like its crazy every where in boulder and stuff. but its sunny today and I'm happy about it.

Anyway so this week was super interesting. we had SO MANY set appointments with people but they just kept falling through! no one was ever home and they dropped off the edge of the earth. but we kept finding a ton of people! THERE ARE SO MANY OLD PEOPLE IN COLORADO.  I have to tell you about this one guy. he is 92 and his name is harry. or larry. he said he goes by both so we can choose. either one is fantastic. hes been meeting with missionaries forever and he read the book of Mormon a long time ago and says its true. so that's nice. he also has every pamphlet and every video that we own hahaha. it was funny. also he's from England so the accent made every story he told that much more fun to hear. he fought in ww2 and he told us all these stories about how he watched his friend get blown up and how he walked over to him and his legs and arms were detached and also his head. he just found his torso. and how his plane crashed one time and he showed us his knee cap that was just shattered and it was crazy to hear how all his bones broke. but he LOVED to talk about his wife it was really cute actually  he was just so in love with her. and he loved even more to show us pictures. at one point, he took us into his living room but the light didn't work so we were in the dark and he was trying to show us pictures and all of a sudden he whipped out a flashlight and we were like where the heck did you get that  and so he was just showing us his family pictures from like 1000 BC they were so old. with this flashlight and I just couldn't stop laughing because I was like WHERE ARE WE AND WHAT ARE WE DOING IN THIS DARK ROOM. it was strange. but he told us that we were coming back every week to visit him.  I never want to be old and lonely. ever.

I've learned this week that really praying and asking for God's guidance is the most important thing to do. when one of our appts fell through we were just knocking on doors and we were about to leave the neighborhood but I just felt drawn to that place, and felt like we should stay there. but I was like which house do we go to! so we just kept going and every time we were about to leave I was just like NO ONE MORE. and so we did. and then after like 4 houses, this car drove up and this guy got out and IMMEDIATELY i KNEW that was who we were there for. this distinct thought of THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE just overwhelmed my brain and my heart. so we went and asked to pray with him and he was like yeah! and then he was just so grateful and he tried to double hug us and it was funny and then we asked if we could come back and teach him more about Christ and he just was like yes. it was awesome. and then also that night we were going to contact this referral from a member but as we were walking towards the house i saw this guy smoking outside and i had that distinct thought in my head, THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE. that's him. and i was like sister jones we have to go over here! and she was so confused cause she didn't even see him haha. but we ended up talking to him and the same thing happened. we are going to see him next week. i absolutely love this work and i just love all of these people that we are finding! i have grown to LOVE the feeling of the Spirit and just the love that i feel from it all the time. because you can DEFINITELY recognize when it's not there. it is like night and day. praying for that guidance is so important! i want so badly just to follow exactly what my Heavenly Father has planned for that day CAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA EVER what to do. 

We have transfers next week so maybe don't send things to my direct address just send it to the mission office on Tufts! because idk how long it takes things to get here. but i don't want to leave this area ahhhh theres so much to be done! and weeks go by so fast there's not enough time to do everything. I love you guys so much and i recognize everyday the blessings ive had in my life. i cant believe it. there is so much love and peace that comes from the gospel and I've just never been so happy. love you guys!

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